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116 Slayers

Slayers is a tabletop RPG of mercenaries and monster hunters for hire. Known by locals as Slayers, players wander a haunted city, cursed long ago to expand towards the horizon forever. Slayers help clean out the monsters that infest the alleyways and shadows, and those that the city seems to be manifesting on its own

Why Slayers

What sets Slayers apart from other RPGs is its emphasis on asymmetrical combat. Each class in the game uses completely different combat mechanics than the others

Creators Kit

Spencer has produced a really useful Creators Kit, free of charge and written in a conversational stule

Digital version of Slayers: https://gilarpgs.itch.io/slayers Physical Version: https://gilarpgs.myshopify.com/products/slayers

Weather in your RPG: https://dragonsarereal.bearblog.dev/weather-in-your-rpg/

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